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We have all seen tags such as <b>, <a>, etc. in HTML code in this post we will explore what those tags mean and what they do. To understand this we must first learn what HTML is. According to Wikipedia, HTML is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. It is used mostly to make the pages that you see in your web browser, in fact what you are reading at this moment is written in HTML code, just not by me.

As you see above what I write is enclosed in a…

Today I will discuss an important topic that is useful to know for your program but also more importantly it is useful to know for your job interview. According to Wikipedia big-o notation in computer science is used to classify algorithms according to how their run time or space requirements grow as the input size grows. It is essentially how you will talk about and explain your algorithms and how efficient they are as they grow with time “time complexity”. For example how much an algorithm will slow down if you gave it a list of 10 versus a list…

Scripting language and programming language are often used interchangeably, but in actuality, these two types of languages have many more differences than you might be aware of. We can say that all scripting languages are programming languages, but we can not say that all programming languages are scripting languages. Some of the first programs that were written, such as the programs in the Microsoft Office Suite, and Some of the first web browsers, used programming languages. As more functionality was required as time went by scripting languages were used to upgrade the functionality of those programs.

The fundamental difference between…

While coding you will have to make certain choices for your application. When we look at coding especially the backend we have plenty of choices but the two we will look at today will be Python vs Ruby. I personally enjoy using both, but which is better we will find out. Ruby and Python have many similarities but also there are some big differences.



Ruby is made with flexibility for programmers, it is an easy language to learn and sometimes the flexibility makes the language feel like magic. …

In JavaScript you have the use of first-class functions, you may be asking yourself what a first-class function is. They are functions that may be treated as other values. They can may be assigned to variables, passed as arguments in other functions, and can be returned from other functions. We will take a look at each of these types of functionality.

Assign Function to a Variable

We can create a function that will return something, then after we can assign that function to a variable. As shown below.

const sayBye = () => {
return 'Goodbye my friend';
// "Goodbye my friend"

Function Passed as an Argument


Last week we looked at the call-back functions, this week we will look at high-order functions. So what are high order functions? High order functions is a function that takes a function as an argument, then returns a function. JavaScript has a lot of built-in high order functions that are very useful, these are map, filter, sort, reduce and bind are just a few to mention. Now you might ask yourself when is a good time to use higher-order functions. They are useful when you want to customize the behavior of a certain function or you want to use a…

Today we will be looking into a type of function in JavaScript called Callback Functions. So now you may be asking yourself what is a callback? A callback is a type of function that will be executed after another function has been executed (called back). As you may already know in JavaScript functions are also known as objects. Due to this, functions have the ability to take other functions as arguments and can then be returned by other functions. …

In this post I will show you how to set up a new ruby on rails project, rails is a web application framework that uses Ruby code to make your web application. It can handle user-side and server-side. It really is a good place for all in one web application, it’s so good that even Twitter used it in the early years. Rails offer conventions for handling routing, data, and much more base functionality for your web application. Rails also follow MVC (model-view-controller) design. …

In this post we will discuss more advanced destructuring topics, first lets look back again to what destructuring is. Destruturing is basically breaking down complex structures into, easier to read and understand, simpler parts. This complex structure is usually an object or array. In my previous destructuring post I spoke about basic properties of destruturing like basic values and the syntax, but that just scratched the surface. There is much more we can do with this to help with writing your code for your application. You can access the basic features of destructuring here.


With destructuring we can create variable…

Destructuring is a very useful feature of JavaScript, it is used to extract properties from objects to bind them to other variables. It can also be useful and less time-consuming because it allows you to extract many properties in a single statement while setting a default property if one doesn’t exist. In this post, we will learn about object destructuring in ES6.

The reason to destructure

In the previous version of JavaScript if you wanted to extract properties of an object you would write the following code.

var hero = {
name: 'Iron Man',
realName: 'Tony Stark'
var name…

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