First-Class Functions

Assign Function to a Variable

const sayBye = () => {
return 'Goodbye my friend';
// "Goodbye my friend"

Function Passed as an Argument

const sayByeToFriend = (greeter, friend) => {
return greeter() + ' ' + friend;
console.log(sayByeToFriend(sayBye, 'Steve'));
// Goodbye my friend Steve

Returning a Function From Another Function

const goodbyeMaker = greeting => {
return friend => {
return greeting + ' ' + friend;
const sayByeToFriend = greeterMaker('Bye');
const sayAdiosToFriend = greeterMaker('Howdy');
// "Goodbye my friend Jane"
// "Adios mi amigo Same"

Object Validation

const isUsernameLong = obj => {
return obj.username.length >= 8;
const arePasswordSame= obj => {
return obj.password === obj.confirmPassword;
//Function to check valid or not
const objectIsValid = (obj, ...funcs) => {
for (let i = 0; i < funcs.length; i++) {
if (funcs[i](obj) === false) {
return false;
return true;
const obj1 = {
username: 'ahmed123',
password: 'welcome',
confirmPassword: 'welcome',
const obj1Valid = objectIsValid(obj1, usernameLongEnough, passwordsMatch);
// true
const obj2 = {
username: 'habibi',
password: 'hello',
confirmPassword: 'hello',
const obj2Valid = objectIsValid(obj2, usernameLongEnough, passwordsMatch);
// false





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