Top Front End Dev Tools

Chrome DevTools

Google Chrome is one of the most easily and readily available dev tools that gives you the ability to change and view the changes of the DOM and the style of the page. You can debug and run JavaScript within the console, edit the page immediately and give the page different styling all with right-clicking on the page and going to inspect.

Key Features

  • View check network activity.
  • Identifying securing problems
  • Look at memory
  • View many panels such as network, application, elements, etc.
  • Assess runtime performance, and optimize speed.


Angular offers very good productivities and supports many Google apps because of being made by Google. It allows for smooth coding for desktop and mobile applications. Angular also scales very well, it has the ability to fulfill enormous data requirements. Angular also has many well-designed templates you can customize to fit your web app. Most IDE’s come with Angular support which makes coding in Angular less of a hassle.

Key Features

  • Handles JS code Automatically.
  • Suitable for all browsers.
  • Ability write client-side apps using JS.
  • Free, open-source with lots of documentation.


NPM is used in conjunction with JavaScript and makes writing JS a little easier by having reusable code packages and bringing them together. It is used in the command line to communicate between the package and the storage. It also has a lot of good documentation and a big community.


For TypeScript, information click here to redirect you to one of my previous articles on TypeScript.

Key Features

  • Connects many JavaScript libraries.
  • Supports the incorporating of C/C++ header files.
  • TypeScript is supported on many environments that support JavaScript

Final Words

There are many more extensive and better front-end tools and as I continue to explore and learn more I will write another article on some others such as Grunt, SASS, Meteor, and so on. For now, these are the ones that I use the most and am familiar with the most. Stay tuned for more to come and I hope this was helpful.



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